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In the early days, Chung Rung had already owned production equipment such as computerized  water jet loom and rapier loom from Europe and Japan in order to achieve high quality production standard. In December 2004, air-jet loom came into production line. The application of the air-jets allow Chung Rung to avoid several potential defects that often see in the production of the water-jet looms. Such as water waste problem and the post production drying phase, both can cause severe impact on production efficiency, product stability and post production waste handling costs. While avoiding those, air-jets still have better production speed and the capability to handle higher variety of yarns, these all enhance Chung Rung’s competitiveness among the rivals.


Warping preparation Unit: KARL MAYER WPUs from Germany Features

  • S-Roller automatic tensioning ensuring each hank yarn has the same exact tension.
  •  Each hank yarn is formed with uniform high consistency.
  • Machine’s laser beams do not come in contact with the hank yarn preventing damages to the yarn’s surface, especially for short-fiber yarns.
  •  Each weaving has a smooth and flat surface with uniform tension making it ready for processing. 

We owned International standard fabric inspection machines to ensure our finished product meet customers’ requirements.


In 2014, Chung Rung took a proactive step to purchase new model sampling warping machine and sampling weaving machine. This decision allowed us to complete a brand new fabric sample of 17.5” wide in 2 days. 
Both Chung Rung and our customers have benefit significantly both in time and cost. At this point in time, we are putting great effort into product development. Also welcome parties who shares common interests to contact us and join us in this grand path of creation of a new area.

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