Chung Rung Textile Co.,LTD

Chung Rung Development  Path

Since Chung Rung's establishment
Our customers have always entrusted our
manufacturing expertise in producing
premium quality mono-filament fabrics,
bridal and gown fabrics. We are always
seeking to incorporate the newest 
technologies and production equipment
into our operation, especially in the field of
mono-filament fabric production. Since
our establishment we have earned an 
excellent reputation among our
clients and peers in the textile industry.
Our products are known for their
premium quality and exceptional
reliability. In the fierce competitive
environment, our company has steadily
grown each year. We are the first
company in Taiwan to incorporate
and develop mono-filament fabric
for production.

    Warping Machine

       Weaving Loom


Professional Experts

Our expert staff have years of
experience in manufacturing
special yarns and specifically
extensive knowledge in
production of mono-filament
fabric. They are constantly
working hard to develop new
yarns and fabrics for different
purposes and functions. 


We have years of experience in
quality control modeling, and
from this, we have developed
a state of the art operational
management system. Based
on this system, each production
process is closely monitored
and tightly controlled to ensure
our products pass the highest
standards as well as meeting
the delivery dates.


Chung Rung Family



We understand that our employees are
indispensable assets to our company.
In fact they are more than justhuman
capitals, they are essential members of
the Chung Rung family. Therefore we
provide them the working environment
filled with opportunities, challenges and
enjoyment. We encourage our employees
to develop their talents and realize their
potentials. We hope to see all our
employees find their professional
success and achievement in Chung Rung
as we continue to grow together as
a happy family.
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